Easiest way to monitor retail execution across millions of stores

  Boost Productivity by 10x where sales, ops and trade marketing team can get retail analytics remotely and in real time. Automate manual store audits and reduce store visits, saving up to $10,000 in travel cost per sales rep!

  Optimise sales by up to 5% without additional marketing spend by identifying distribution and product availability gaps at store level ( not sample size data!)

  Get ahead of competitors by getting real-time market intelligence including pricing and promotional data in any store.

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How it works

Our proprietary AI-powered mobile app, available on iOS and Android, can operate in any smart phone with 2MP camera and above and even in offine mode.

  What takes over 45 minutes per store to audit can be done in less than 3 minutes. Sales reps, merchandisers or 3rd party crowd source task force simply just take photos of shelves.

  Our computer vision can detect every products at brand, packsize, flavour and packaging variant, at 95% accuracy

  Images gets translated into customisable KPIs such as On-Shelf Availability, Share of Shelf, Planogram Compliance and many more!

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“With InstaShelf, my sales and trade marketing team can now get a clear view of how our retail partners are displaying our products, their stock coverage and our competitors’ promotion strategy… Its a game changer!”

# 1 CPG Brand, Head of Sales and Operations Excellence.

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